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2018 Above and Beyond Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 Above and Beyond Award winners!


Mary Leist and David TomaskoOutstanding Service to Students – Mary Leist, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

“Mary creates an atmosphere that encourages us to try new things, and find new and innovative ways to support our students. She challenges us to create meaningful interactions, and strives to make everything that we do intentional, and in the best interests of our students. She has maintained her license as a counselor, which has been an invaluable resource for helping distressed students. There have been many times in which her entire day has been thrown off because she has given extra time to students who are in need. In every action Mary takes, she considers the student perspective and needs. She actively participates on our undergraduate studies committee and graduate students committee where she advocates for curriculum and policy improvements that will have a positive impact on our undergraduate and graduate students. Mary also holds the students accountable for their actions. In a way, she plays an active and important role in preparing them for their future careers and academic pursuits where they will be required to be far more independent.” 

award winner and presenterRyan Horns and Scott OsborneExemplary Support or Advancement of ResearchMark Andrews, ElectroScience Laboratory

“Mark supports large experiments, lasting several weeks, where he must travel and manage research efforts on-site. Most recently, he spent several weeks in desolate areas of northern Canada and Greenland. This required personal commitment, and he was solely in charge of making these experiments successful, which shows both professionalism and leadership. In preparation for these experiments, Mark dedicated himself and his time to making sure everything was read, and he worked above and beyond normal job expectation to make this a success.”

award winner and presenterRyan Horns and Rudy BuccheitOutstanding ServiceRyan Horns, Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Since Ryan was hired, he has increased the level of exposure of research, events, people, and honors within our department by using various avenues such as videos, social media, print, its website, and continues to step outside of his comfort zone to enhance his knowledge base of more ways to bring ECE into the public eye. In addition, coming to us as a journalist, Ryan has been able to engage a wide and varied audience by writing stories in a way that is both informative and entertaining. Ryan loves what he does and it is obvious. He attends numerous ECE functions, both on and off campus, and is always at the ready to capture the scene or interview someone who peaks his interest. We have collaborated on numerous events together and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Always professional, personable, and fun to be around, Ryan gives 110% in everything he does and the department is infinitely better for his efforts.”

award winner and presenterShannon Morrison and Donnie PerkinsExcellence in Diversity and InclusionDr. Shannon Morrison, Center for Aviation Studies

“This past fall she put together a proposal for and planned a College of Engineering Distinguished Lecture that hosted Captain Barrington Irving. Irving was the youngest and first African American to fly around the world. In addition to the lecture, there was a panel discussion that included a Latina Captain from JetBlue Airways, the son of a Tuskegee Airmen, and the Executive Director of the National Gay Pilots Association. Panelists answered questions from the audience about how to create and sustain a more diverse and inclusive aviation workplace climate. In addition to the lecture series, Dr. Morrison created a course for Aviation students titled ‘Building a Diverse Workforce in Aviation’, which introduces students to concepts around diversity and inclusion as it relates to the aviation industry.”

award winners and presenterChristine Meadows, Angela Beer, Jessica Baer-Graves, Jacquelyn Monnin, La'Tonia Stiner-JonesExemplary Team Performance or ServiceKnowlton Student Services: Angela Beer, Jessica Baer-Graves, Christine Meadows, and Jacquelyn Monnin

“The work of the Knowlton School Student Services Team supports the college’s mission and strategic plan and should be commended. Their efforts help move Knowlton’s programs further along the path to being some of the best, certainly within the state, but also nationally. They are tireless advocates for the student experience. Though they are a small team, they are mighty and their roles cover a wide range of responsibilities. The team has worked very hard to increased gender equity in the school’s program as well as to increase the number of underrepresented minority students. As the student services team often points out, it is not simply enough to increase numbers of females or minority students, supporting students as they navigate Ohio State and demanding majors like those in Knowlton requires another level of attention which the team does their best to provide to students on an individual basis.”